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Here you’ll find reviews I’ve written for Audio Media over the last 15 years and some written exclusively for this site. There’s audio too, mostly from different mics and mic amps, and some musing on audio technology and hifi.

By here..

There are reviews of gear and software from AETA, AKG, Allen & Heath, Antelope Audio, Aphex, ATC, Audient, Audio Root, Audio Technica, Behringer, Beyerdynamic, Cubase, Digico, DPA, Drawmer, Dynaudio, Fostex, HHB, Hindenburg, Magix, (Sequoia), Marian, Marenius, MMStudioz, Neumann, Palmer, Radial, Resident Audio, RME, Rogue Amoeba, Roland, Sadie, Sennheiser, Shure, Sigma Broadcast (Spot On), Sonodyne, Sound Devices, Soundplant, Spendor, Steinberg (Wavelab), Studiomaster, Tascam, Tannoy, Zoom

It always works, till it doesn’tGrahame Cox